Battle of Aldie

Date:    June 17, 1863 
Result:    Inconclusive 
Troops Engaged:    2,000 US; 1,500 CS 
Casualties:    305 US; 119 CS

Lee’s army continued its march north behind the Blue Ridge Mountains, with General Stuart and his cavalry corps under orders to screen the infantry from Union forces. On June 17, General Alfred Pleasonton’s Federal horsemen moved toward the village of Aldie, described by wartime photographer Alexander Gardner as “very charming, very much diversified with hill, wood and valley, fine farms, [and] pretty brooks.” Union General Kilpatrick’s 1,200-man cavalry brigade intercepted a detachment of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry and drove the outnumbered Confederates back past the Aldie Mill. The Federals and Confederates pushed each other back and forth through Aldie along the Aldie Gap Turnpike. Later that afternoon, the battle moved off the turnpike to the Adam and Furr farms.  After attacks and counter attacks, Stuart finally withdrew the brigade to Middleburg, where more Union troops had arrived.

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